2019 Career Fair Day: Opening The Doors Of Opportunity

PETALING JAYA, 29th March, 2019 – The 2019 Career Fair Day took place on Friday, March 29th at the Student Lounge, First City University College.

The lead up to the 2019 Career Fair commenced with several one-to-one Resume Coaching Sessions held on February 22nd, the Career Boot Camp held on February 27th, the Personal Branding through LinkedIn Workshop held on March 8th and the Interior Design Workshop, held on March 22nd.

All of these events received positive feedback and were well-participated by graduating students of First City University College.

The 2019 Career Fair Day managed to gather top industry players and potential employers in one dedicated mega event. This year’s edition saw the participation of key players in industries such as Design, Hospitality and Tourism, Communications, Insurance, Engineering, Banking, Talent Resource, Computing, and Information Technology.

One of the key event objectives was to provide an opportunity for First City University College’s corporate and industry partners to introduce their brands and company presence to the undergraduate students. The event also gave students the chance to meet with potential employers in an informal setting, and to casually learn more about the job opportunities that await them in the employment market, upon completion of their studies.

The 2019 Career Fair Day was a success as it managed to provide more than 40 job openings from participating companies. In contrast to the conventional way of vying for employers’ attention in the competitive and tough employment world, students were able to score an interview on the spot and flaunt their personalities in order to gain impressive first impressions!

This gave an extra edge to the students, as compared to the usual method of submitting online resumes, because it allowed for both parties to meet face-to-face! It is no surprise then that most of the job openings are usually well-secured by students of First City University College, even before graduation! Many of the soon-to-be graduates returned from the Career Fair Day 2019 with smiles on their faces.

“The recruiters were friendly and helpful! They were eager to walk me through some of the possible career pathways based on my qualifications”, shared Suki, a Third Year degree student in Accounting and Finance.

One of the Thai interns from Eastern Asia University praised the success of this year’s Career Fair, before adding that First City University College students were very fortunate to enjoy such an advantage in securing a job.

In addition, First City University College takes initiatives to market and pitch its aspiring graduating students to top industry players and potential via events such as the Momentum Diploma Showcase, Sequence Degree Graduation Showcase and Innovation Day events.

First City University College is open every day in April for registration. May intake is in progress for Degree and Diploma programmes!

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