The 2024 Goal Setting Workshop held on 7 February 2024, gathered a select group of 10 participants from various programmes. Spanning over four activities, the workshop led by our Registered and Licensed Counsellor Teh Chia Li, aimed to engage the participants in deep self-reflection and practical goal-setting exercises.

The workshop started off with “6 Months Left” activity, encouraging participants to prioritise their priorities and goals if they had only six months to live. This exercise aimed to allow the participants to understand their major life values, priorities and reflect on potential goals.

Following this, the “Evaluate Your Yesterday” activity encouraged participants to analyse their past actions in comparison to their present one, empowering them to identify areas for growth and improvement.

The highlight of the workshop was “Secret Recipe to a Wonderful Life,” where participants enthusiastically engaged in listing goals across eight different areas of their life. This activity emphasized the importance of balance across various aspects of life.

Concluding with guidance on crafting SMART goals and reflections from participants, the workshop provided a comprehensive framework for effective goal setting in 2024.