The Steadicam Workshop led by Ian McPake @steadicam_ian on 16 November 2023 was a resounding success, resonating deeply with the budding filmmakers enrolled in the Diploma in Mass Communication programme at First City University College.

Ian McPake, the Programme Leader for Film Production at the University of Sunderland brought forth a treasure trove of expertise in film production, particularly in the domain of moving cameras. His extensive experience in the industry illuminated the significance of Steadicam technology, a pivotal tool embraced by numerous top-tier Hollywood productions.

With Southeast Asia as a stop on his tour, the opportunity for the Mass Communication students from First City University College to engage with McPake’s insights was invaluable. The session, tailored for a select group of ten students, allowed for personalized guidance and immersive learning. McPake’s expertise not only conveyed the technical intricacies of Steadicam usage but also imparted a profound understanding of its artistic application in film production.

The workshop left an enduring mark, inspiring and equipping the students with a deeper understanding of this cutting-edge technology. As students absorbed McPake’s wisdom, they were empowered to infuse newfound creativity into their cinematic endeavours.