10 academics staff from First City University College’s Faculty of Design & Built Environment showcase their artworks at the KSBDA 2016 December Winter Exhibition in Malaysia from 19-31 December 2016 at University Malaya Art Gallery. This exhibition is an inaugural collaboration between the institution and Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, with University Malaya being the curator and event host. There are a total of 300 printed artworks for exhibition, and 6 Gallery Talk Artists: 4 from Korea and 2 from First City UC, Malaysia.

The event was launched by the Director of First City Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Teo Chiang Liang today, which was well attended by the President of KSBDA, Professor Lyu Kyung Won, members of the KSBDA, artists and members of the public.

The fundamental objective of the KSBDA is based on sharing enthusiastic professions and developing an international art and design community. Over 500 international scholars from many countries have contributed to its success since KSBDA was founded in 1999. It provides various scholastic creativities through all the fine arts and design fields between 2D and 4D, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, landscape, multi-media, film, fashion, visual communication, industrial design, ceramic and printmaking amongst others.

Besides yearly exhibition at various Korean Universities, KSBDA also organises exhibitions in other countries all over the world such as America (New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona), Australia (Melbourne), Italy (Rome), and Japan.

The faculty is also holding the 2016 Catharsis Exposition Art Exhibition concurrently in Gallery B of the UM gallery for the purpose of cultural and design exchange. This art exhibition is participated by all the staff from different art and design background in the FDBE to express their creativity, ideation and theory, giving them the opportunity to practice art and design in context of the academics as well as their personal interest and expertise.

In his launch speech, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Teo Chiang Liang said, “It is a pleasure to admire the works of our faculty members and appreciate their talent and experience in this field. Each of them represents their own style in interpreting the theme and showcases skills and knowledge accumulated throughout the years. We are proud that our teaching staffs are active industry-players and part of those imparting their skills to our students. We value their contribution and hope that they will continue to progress and produce more works of art.”

The Faculty of Design & Built Environment offers bachelor’s degree programmes in Graphic Design, Interior Architecture & Design and Furniture & Product Design in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, UK, in addition to Foundation in Art & Design and Diplomas in Interactive Design and Interior Design. Furthermore, the university college will be rolling out more home-grown programmes in 2017 to meet the demand and needs of both local and international students, such as BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Branding and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Furniture & Product Design.

By 2017, the university college will be  rolling out more home-grown programmes to meet the demand and needs of both local and international students, such as Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours, Bachelor of Computer Science (Intelligent System) (Hons), Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Mass Communication, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) in Business Management.

January intake is in progress for a wide range of study disciplines in Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mass Communication, Engineering, Computing, Design and Built Environment, Pre-University Studies and Languages. Counsellors are available to attend to queries on extended counselling hours from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Weekdays) and 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Weekends) from 1st December 2016 until 21st January 2017 (excluding public holidays).