On 1 February 2024, 68 students from the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design programme embarked on a fascinating study trip to the Bank Negara Museum. This museum stands as a vital institution dedicated to preserving the nation’s rich financial and economic history.

Accompanied by four faculty members led by Programme Coordinator Norhayati Ibrahim, the students encountered a variety of engaging exhibits and informative displays designed to offer a comprehensive overview of Malaysia’s economic journey. Through a combination of interactive elements and insightful narratives, the museum provided a platform for the students to delve deep into the accounts of the country’s economic evolution.

Delving into the details of the museum’s display strategies, the students employed a critical lens to analyse the arrangements and design elements at play. Through thoughtful observation and inquiry, they uncovered the underlying principles guiding the presentation of historical display, enriching their understanding of the relationship between interior architecture, design, and storytelling.

As the students left the Bank Negara Museum, they departed with not only a wealth of knowledge in interior architecture and design but also with insightful of the country’s financial and economic history. The trip provided the students with a profound appreciation for the pivotal role of museums in preserving cultural heritage.