First City Students Celebrate World Interior Day In Style

PETALING JAYA- Interior Architecture and Design students from First City University College (formerly known as KBU International College) made their World Interior Day celebration a memorable one by inviting Dulux Malaysia to conduct a special workshop on campus.

World Interior Day is celebrated globally each year, with the purpose of connecting students, professionals as well as members of the design community. This provides an opportunity for exploration, learning, and discovery as well as the chance to raise the status of the design profession in the eyes of world.

According to Interior Architecture and Design Student Club president Elwin Kee, this year’s theme of “Designing Space, Changing Lives” aims to give the Interior Design and Architecture profession a stronger voice in the community by drawing attention to the tangible and intangible impact design has on everyone.

“The Architecture and Interior Design profession has impacted lives across many continents throughout the years. It is only appropriate that we have an event such as World Interior Day to honour those from this profession while raising awareness regarding the need for well-designed living spaces,” Kee explained.

For this year’s celebration in First City UC, the Interior Architecture and Design Student Club took charge and managed to invite Dulux Malaysia to visit First City UC and organise a workshop at its Student Lounge.

The Workshop, themed “Space, Dream, Love, Act” was attended by Diploma and Degree Interior Architecture and Design students. During the workshop session, students were introduced to Dulux’s 4 ColourFutures 2019 palettes meant to empower people to create homes full of purpose and possibilities.

Students were also educated on the importance of using the right variety of colors and paints in interior spaces. They were taught that the usage of different colour mixes could drastically affect the lifestyle and living space of a house.

Afterwards, the students were tasked by Dulux with creating a mood board, a collage consisting of images, texts, and samples of objects used to convey a general idea or a particular feeling towards a topic. Students were then separated into groups which in turn created a mood board according to an appointed Color Theme brief (Space, Dream, Love, Act).

By making creative use of old magazine pages, all of the groups succeeded in creating their own unique and eye-catching mood boards. The activity concluded with each group presenting their respective works with a representative giving an in-depth explanation of their board’s concept. In the end, the top groups were rewarded with prizes.

Meanwhile, an Education Trip Sketching Gallery was set up with the purpose of allowing IAD students who went for the London-Manchester Education Trip to share their experiences. The trip was organized by FDBE in March 2019.

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