The Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) continuing visit meeting held on 15 November 2023 at First City University College marks a pivotal success in reinforcing the quality benchmarks for the Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours programme. Led by the distinguished panelist Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Khaizuran bin Abdullah, the meeting focused on fostering continuous improvement initiatives in alignment with accreditation requirements.

A comprehensive dialogue encompassed diverse stakeholders – ranging from industry advisory panels, alumni, current students, to academic and administrative staff. This inclusive approach allowed for a holistic assessment and exchange of insights, ensuring a well-rounded perspective in driving quality enhancements.

The visit extended beyond discussions, encompassing meticulous inspections of electronic engineering laboratories and the library. These inspections prioritized safety, health standards, scrutinized software, and hardware facilities, and evaluated the adequacy of teaching and learning resources.

Notably, the success of this visit lies in its collaborative essence, fostering an environment where stakeholders collectively contribute to refining the educational experience. The active participation of external examiners, industry experts, alumni, employers, and faculty members underscore a commitment to ensuring graduates from accredited programmes meet the highest standards of proficiency and readiness for the engineering landscape.

This successful visit validates the commitment of First City University College and at the same time highlights the EAC’s pivotal role in ensuring the continuous enhancement of engineering education. As the EAC remains dedicated to maintaining rigorous standards, this visit serves as a testament to the sustained pursuit of excellence in engineering education, benefiting both students and the industry at large.