Hospitality & Tourism Management Students Shine in Showcase Event

PETALING JAYA, 4th April, 2019 –  First and Second Year students from the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management programme in First City University College (FCUC) successfully organized the Hospitality Day showcase event on 4th April.

Besides giving students the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to practice, this showcase event aimed to raise the profile of FCUC’s Hospitality and Tourism Management programme.

This is in light of the steady growth experienced by Malaysia’s tourism industry. According to Tourism Malaysia, ( for the year 2018, Malaysia recorded 25.8 million arrivals and RM84.1 billion in tourist receipts. Come 2020, Tourism Malaysia has set a lofty target of 30 million arrivals and RM100 billion in tourist receipts!

Hence, there is a high demand for more tourism and hospitality graduates in Malaysia.

With the theme of “A Travel Experience”, the organizing committee put in maximum effort to ensure visitors enjoy a wholesome touristic experience through their various booths and displays.

The Bed and Table Display represented a typical Hotel Room Service, the Refreshment Booths represented the Food and Beverage (F&B) Services while the Speaking Corner represented a Tourism Convention Centre. The displays were rounded out by the presence of an Art Museum exhibition and several “Mini Monuments”.

Hospitality & Tourism Management students whipped up a number of delectable food and drinks such as Carbonara with Mushroom and Chicken Chop, Chicken Popcorn, Chocolate Mousse as well as the Hoku Fruit Tea.

“All of us tried the carbonara and we absolutely enjoyed the chicken chop side dish! The meat is so juicy and sweet!”, exclaimed participating visitors Dan, Meg and Alia.

They added that FCUC students should continue organising events like Hospitality Day as everyone could have fun and gain new knowledge at the same time!

Meanwhile, there were other alumni who pitched in to make the event a success. A group of graduates-turned-entrepreneurs opened up a booth selling refreshing Hoku Fruit Tea. The fruit tea, which attracted many buyers, came in a few flavours such as orange, pineapple, blueberry and mango.

Another alumnus who contributed was Marion St. Joan. She gave an informational talk to visitors at the Speaking Corner regarding the available job opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Two Hospitality & Tourism Management students presented an insightful scenario of Malaysia and China’s tourism industries. The audience, which included students from Pay Fong Middle School Malacca, listened on with unabated interest.

Overall, the showcase event was a great success as Hospitality & Tourism Management students were able to confidently demonstrate their culinary skills while providing enjoyment to visitors at the same time!

The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management is a two year (six semesters) academic programme offered at First City University College. Interested students may consider signing up during the April, May and October intakes. Possible career opportunities in Event Management, Hotel Management, Travel and Tour Management as well Food and Beverage Service Management await graduates of this diploma programme.

Graduates of the diploma programme may opt to continue their studies by the joining the Second Year of the BBA (Hons) Hospitality Management programme. Alternatively, diploma graduates may choose to undergo a series of coursework from Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi) before continuing with a one-year Bachelor’s Degree programme at the international institute (consisting of 6 months’ worth of lectures, followed by a 6-month internship period).