The Faculty of Design and Built Environment (FDBE) gathered at the Heritage Building for orientation involving all FDBE new intakes, current students and all programme coordinators on 5 June 2024. The orientation aimed to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among student teams, while also cultivating creativity and practical problem-solving skills through the creation of art installations.

As part of a collaboration project with the COFFEE and ART Festival at Fahrenheit 88, FDBE students were tasked with creating a wall of paper cup art. Participants were required to create artwork in black and white on provided paper cups. The installation had to align with the festival’s theme, encouraging students to interpret it creatively and engage in reflective design. Students were organised into groups, each led by a senior student to oversee the project’s development.

This orientation project was an exciting opportunity to kick-start the semester with creativity and teamwork. By working together on this art installation, students not only built beautiful pieces of art but also forged strong connections with their peers. Embracing the challenge allowed them to unleash their creativity and, most importantly, enjoy the process.