Li Jia En, a dedicated student enrolled in the BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing programme, is poised to be featured in an upcoming RTM RTM – Radio Televisyen Malaysia documentary titled “JEJAK ATLET – JUARA KITA INSPIRASI KITA.” This 26-episode series aims to motivate aspiring athletes to excel in sports while also emphasizing the importance of balancing academic pursuits.

Jia En stands out not only as a committed student but also as a national baseball player, representing Women Baseball Malaysia (WBM), an organization dedicated to the sport under the umbrella of the Baseball Federation of Malaysia (BFM) Baseball Federation of Malaysia – BFM.

The Faculty of Design & Built Environment (FDBE) buzzed with excitement when a 10-member crew, led by the programme’s host, Syaidatul Afifah Badrul Hamidi, arrived on 4 December 2023, to film an episode of the documentary. Jia En’s feature was predominantly filmed in the Fashion Studio at FDBE—a familiar setting for every fashion student and the place where she showcased her remarkable fashion creations.

Despite her achievements in baseball, Jia En possesses an equal fervour for her studies in Fashion Marketing at First City University College. Inspired by her father’s success as a fashion industry entrepreneur, she remains resolute in her ambition to become a renowned fashion designer alongside her accomplishments as a baseball player.