On 28 May 2024, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching hosted a workshop titled ‘Outcome-Based Education Planning, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation Cycle’. This informative session was led by Asst. Prof. Ir. Dr. Tay Ching En Marcus of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, involving twelve academic staff members; Nur Izzah Rahmiah Binti Ab Llah, Ir. Jeewa Vengadasalam, Nik Nur Adlin Binti Nik Qausbee, Ir. Ts. Sukhairul Nizam Bin Abdul Razak, Sherylaidah Binti Samsuddin, Dr. Ahmad Faris Naqiyuddin bin Mohd Ghazi, Siti Hajar Bt Ariffin, Yap Min Chen, Nur Afieqah Binti Mamud, Nur Hamidah Binti Mamat, Hasry@Hosny Bin Hassim, and Soon Tet Suan Grace.

Outcome-based education is a structured approach in curriculum delivery that emphasizes intended goals supporting the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) five clusters of learning outcomes. The workshop aimed to familiarise participants with programme educational objectives (PEO), programme learning outcomes (LO), and module learning outcomes (PO). The workshop also encouraged participants to measure module learning outcomes and programme learning outcomes directly and explicitly using suitable assessment rubrics, aligned with LO-PO-assessment mapping in the module framework.

Yap Min Chen from the Centre of Language and Extension Services remarked, “After attending the workshop, I have a better understanding of how to map Module Learning Outcomes with Programme Learning Outcomes.”

Dr. Ahmad Faris Naqiyuddin bin Mohd Ghazi noted, “The demonstration of software tools for measuring and analysing Module Learning Outcomes with Programme Learning Outcomes added a practical dimension that enhanced my understanding of the theoretical concepts discussed.”

By the end of the session, participants had acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to implement outcome-based education effectively, ensuring continuous quality improvement in their academic programmes. This workshop provided the tools and insights needed to uphold educational standards.