A lecture series on Fire Protection Consideration for Interior Designers was organised by the Interior Architecture & Design (IAD) Club on 19 April 2024. 100 students from the Diploma in Interior Design and BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design joined the lecture. The purpose of the lecture was to create awareness that interior designers play a crucial role in ensuring fire protection within buildings by integrating fire safety features into their designs.

Guest speaker Ar Idr Ts Muhammad Firdaus Zamin highlighted an important consideration for interior designers regarding fire protection. This includes Building Codes and Regulations – Interior designers must have a thorough understanding of local building codes and regulations related to fire safety. These codes dictate requirements for fire-rated materials, egress paths, occupancy limits, and other essential aspects of fire protection.

Lim Yann Shen shared “This lecture gives us basic and deeper understanding of the importance of space fire protection.” Another student, Gu Zhi Xiang noted “After attending the fire safety lecture, I gained valuable insights into fire prevention and safety measures. Mr. Firdaus’ engaging teaching style made the lecture very entertaining.”

The lecture concluded with a group photograph and a token of appreciation presented to guest speaker Ar Idr Ts Muhammad Firdaus Zamin. The lecture is expected to bring valuable insights to future designers in refining their designs in all aspects including safety.