From June 13 to 15, 2024, 64 students from the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design programme participated in a field trip to Sekinchan, accompanied by four lecturers: IDr Fakhrul Zaman, Norhayati Ibrahim, Nur Hahisah Fadzil, and Su Sing Kwong, Phil.

During the trip, students explored diverse locations aimed at enhancing their understanding of architectural and design principles across different contexts. Notable highlights included visits to the Kuala Selangor Heritage Museum and the Traditional Games Museum at Bukit Melawati, where they immersed themselves in local history. Their excursion to Bukit Belimbing also fostered a greater appreciation for natural beauty and ecological conservation efforts.

On the second day, the itinerary featured a visit to Hai Seng Huat Fishery and Marine Sdn Bhd, providing insights into architecture and design related to marine environments. Students conducted thorough site and building analyses in Sekinchan Town, followed by a visit to the Paddy Field Gallery. The day conclude with a prize-giving ceremony, honouring the winners of the Sekinchan sketches competition.

The final day included visits to the Sekinchan Coconut Farm and Pantai Redang, offering students opportunities to explore rural architectural elements and coastal landscapes. The trip concluded with a thrilling adventure at Luge KL, blending recreational activities with architectural insights.

The Sekinchan Field Trip provided students with hands-on experience in architectural exploration, nurturing a deeper appreciation for sustainable design practices and cultural heritage within Malaysia’s diverse landscapes.