Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Your Guide to An Electrical & Electronic Engineering Course in First City UC

You’ve probably been taught how to differentiate between the neutral, live and earth wires typically found in a 3-point plug. And you may also have learned plenty about electrical circuits if you’ve taken Physics. 

If you’re the type that enjoyed learning and playing around with the I, P and V variables on top of the things that was learned in Electromagnetism, Electricity and Electronics chapters in Life Skills, our Electrical & Electronic Engineering course may be the right pathway for you!


The Basics Of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

What is Electrical & Electronic Engineering you may ask? It is a study that covers two separate fields. In Electrical Engineering, you will learn how to design various ways to effectively and efficiently use electricity. On the other hand, Electronic Engineering deals with the usage and control of electrical power to interpret an instruction or perform a desired task.


Various Fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering can be one of the broadcast fields of engineering, covering a wide variety of disciplines.  Here are some of the common disciplines associated with Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 

Power Engineering: Involves generating and distributing electricity by utilising transformers, generators, motors and various other devices. 

Microelectronics: Deals with the creation and design of micro-sized electronic circuits and components typically used in small devices such as mobile phones. 

Signal Processing: Involves controlling and analysing signals for radar, communications and broadcasts (e.g. TVs, GPS systems, mobile phones)  Telecommunication Engineering: Focuses on the transmission of information across a channel (e.g. wire cable, optic fibres, satellites) 

Computer Engineering: Deals with the designing of computers and computer systems in terms of hardware such as motherboards, hard disks, keyboards.)