Discover Your Innovative Streak With First City UC Engineering Programmes

PETALING JAYA – Many would perceive engineering as a profession that only involves complex scientific theories and logical mathematical equations. Someone however once used design as an analogy to explain engineering to others: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” In other words, an engineer is like a designer who creatively fashions and arranges the internal components of an object in a manner that ensures optimal functionality.

Equipping students to meet Malaysia’s engineering demands

There is now a demand for more engineers to enter the workforce in light of the Industry 4.0 trend, which involves the digitalisation of the manufacturing sector. In 2018, the Malaysian government unveiled its own National Policy to ride on the “Industry 4.0 wave”. Industry 4WRD aims to double the number of skilled workers from 18% to 35% by 2025, in order to ensure Malaysia becomes a developed nation that is equitable, sustainable and inclusive.

Students with a strong passion for science and maths should consider enrolling for either the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with Honours or the Bachelor in Electronic Engineering with Honours programmes offered by First City University College’s (formerly known as KBU International College) Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FEC).

Spanning a total of four years, both programmes are recognised by the Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia, which is headed by professionals from both the industry and academia. EAC’s belief in international benchmarking and commitment towards continual quality improvement in engineering education further solidifies the programmes’ credibility.

In-line with the need to develop students’ independent and teamwork abilities, Year 3 engineering students will need to undergo an Integrated Design Project (group work project) while Final Year students will be involved in an individual project.  This individual project culminates in the annual Innovation Day event, which functions as an outlet for students to showcase their works. Previously, some of the students’ works have even caught the eye of representatives from FEC’s industry partners and students were offered jobs before graduation.

One of the highlights of the engineering programmes is a 12-week industrial training module. This internship experience provides students with first-hand experience in an engineering environment and familiarises them with the industry’s standards.

Furthermore, engineering students will benefit from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreements signed with Xtrategize Technologies Sdn Bhd and Iconix Consulting Sdn Bhd. The agreement with Iconix in particular offers students support in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Electronic Technology and access to the ARM IoT platform.

Master Technical Precision with Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours programme aims to equip students with the essential skills to become competent Mechanical Engineers, capable of designing, analysing, manufacturing, and maintaining a Mechanical System. The course modules focus on the core aspects of Mechanical Engineering which include Engineering Materials, Applied Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics as well as Design and Manufacturing.

“Within the field of Mechanical Engineering, Rubber Technology is gaining prominence due to the material being commonly used in manufacturing important construction components such as bridge bearings, marine fenders, seismic isolators, road extension joints and many advanced shock absorption devices. Therefore, our Engineering Materials Course modules pay particular attention to its applications,” shared Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with Honours Programme Coordinator Dr. Ng Jiunn Yea.

Furthermore, the programme aims to impart to students the interpersonal and engineering management skills through course modules such as Operations and Quality Management, Engineering Practice and Communication Skills, Professional Practice, and Project Management and Product Development. This cross-disciplinary knowledge allows an engineer to not only function independently but also as part of a team in the workplace.

 “One aspect of the Mechanical Engineering programme that I enjoyed the most would be the experiments. It is an interesting experience for me to tinker with different types of mechanical apparatus such as the Pendulum and Tensile Machine,” shared Second Year student Kee Shan.

Kamalaprashant, another Second Year student has a passion for the Engineering Mathematics module. He enjoyed the module in particular as the lecturer was patient in guiding the class step by step. He added that the lecturers shared valuable tips for their future Mechanical Engineering careers.

Discover innovative possibilities with Electronic Engineering

The Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours programme focuses on specific areas, namely Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics, and Telecommunications.

“In order to prepare students for a career in electronic engineering, we offer specialised modules such as Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems, Embedded System Applications, Digital IC Design, Signals and Systems, Analogue Systems Design, Mobile Communications, and Digital Signal Processing,” explained Bachelor in Electronic Engineering Programme Coordinator Dr. Tay Ching En.

Tay also shared that the programme’s modules are based on recommendations provided by the industry advisory panels, to ensure that the syllabus is relevant to the industry.

“Electronic Engineering students will utilize industry-relevant software such as Matlab, AutoCAD, Keil uVision 5, Microsoft Project and Mentor Graphics. Eventually, students are expected to develop competency in utilizing these Electronic Engineering-related software and hardware,” he added.

Meanwhile, Third Year student Lim Siang Han shared that his favourite module was Programming for Engineers as the classes also provided him with the theoretical foundation for his group’s Integrated Design Project- The Smart Bladeless Fan, which is being conceptualized currently.

The project involves the conceptualisation and then creation of a bladeless fan prototype. The fan’s User Selling Points include a portable power source, Bluetooth speaker as well as temperature and motion sensors.

“This project came about when I contacted MIMOS to provide insight into one of my students’ group projects. They suggested for students to design a smart bladeless fan which can utilise either a Permanent magnet synchronous motor or a Brushless DC motor system. After much discussion, MIMOS took on the role of our technical advisor”, shared IDP Coordinator Ms. Nur Qamarina Mohd Noor

Nur added that a fundraising page has been set up to gather financial support for the bladeless fan project.

First City UC’s programme incentive and facilities

The first step towards entering the engineering profession begins by registering for First City UC’s Bachelor Degree programmes during the upcoming September intake. Students are encouraged to sign up quickly in order to guarantee their spot for the 50% programme incentive.

Prospective students will stand to benefit from a wholesome and world-class education as First City UC comes equipped with a wide array of learning and teaching facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities include a Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering labs, as well as Lecture Theatres and Seminar Rooms.

For nearly 30 years, First City UC boasts a proven track record of producing highly employable graduates. This consistency in excellence is built on the foundation of First City UC’s well-crafted education curricula and also its Malaysian Qualification Agency accredited programmes.

Engineering graduates are even encouraged to sign up for Postgraduate studies in order to advance further in their careers. Alumni who register for the Master of Engineering Management and Master of Software Engineering will be entitled to a 20% programme incentive.

Location wise, First City UC is located in the modern township of Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The eco-friendly urban campus is easily accessible via MRT as well as other forms of public transportation.