As aspiring Chartered Accountants, students from the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication (FBHC) were privileged to participate in a virtual programme, ‘Pathway to a Chartered Accountant (M),’ organized by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). This programme, held on 27 October 2023, provided these students with valuable insights into the journey towards becoming Chartered Accountants.

The programme focused on the students’ path to achieving a Chartered Accountant (CA) status after completing their studies in accounting at FBHC. It began with Qualifying Education (QE), where students are required to complete the MIA QE Assessment, consisting of workshop evaluations and a final examination.

However, the journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant doesn’t stop at QE. Students also learned about the mentor-mentee programme, known as MIA Chartered Accountant’s Relevant Experience (CARE). In this phase, accounting graduates (mentees) appoint a mentor who is a Chartered Accountant of MIA to oversee and verify their three years of relevant work experience.

After successfully completing three years of relevant work experience, students can submit their applications to the MIA Member Portal Service to officially become Chartered Accountants.

The virtual program has proven to be successful in assisting students who take part in it to attain a clearer understanding of their journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. The participants not only found the session to be informative but also inspiring, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations in their chosen profession.