Malaysia’s tourism & hospitality sectors offer vast employment opportunities. Recognising this, First City UC is committed to educate and train students to be assets for these sectors.

This programme offers a comprehensive curriculum for those who are seeking to develop skills in hospitality and tourism management field, which will open up career opportunities in Malaysia and international hotel and tourism industry. Upon completion of the diploma, students will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of kitchen management, food and beverage management as well as tourism planning and management. Students will attend an internship programme where they will have an opportunity to have hands-on experience at leading hotels, travel agencies, event companies, food service outlets and entertainment service providers.

First City UC collaborates with Hotel & Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland (HTMi), a well-known international university, ranked 14th in the world by QS. HTMi is renowned for its hotel and hospitality management courses to enhance the quality of its Hospitality and Tourism Management diploma programme. Students pursuing this will receive dual diplomas, one from each institution upon graduation and will be accepted for entry into the final year of International Hotel and Events Management degree at Switzerland.