Enchanting Evening: ‘Autumn Memory’ Shines Bright

Enchanting Evening: ‘Autumn Memory’ Shines Bright

On the evening of 20 October 2023, the Chinese Cultural Society partnered with the Student Services Department to host a truly unforgettable event entitled “Autumn Memory.” This delightful gathering was a celebration of warmth, joy, and camaraderie, fittingly coinciding with the recent Mid-Autumn festival.

The venue was graced by the presence of our Board of Governors and Director, Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Teo Chiang Liang, and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr Saw Sor Heoh. The event also witnessed the participation of Deans, Department Heads, and the dedicated faculty and staff members, all of whom joined the students in contributing to the merriment of this occasion.

The ambience was enchanting, with entertaining performances by the talented members of the Performing Arts Club. These mesmerizing acts added a touch of artistic finesse to the evening. But the excitement did not stop there; the Chinese Cultural Society led by its President Gui Xi Xiang, had arranged an array of engaging and fun activities that ensured smiles on every face.

The highlight of the evening was the mesmerizing performance by a traditional Lion Dance troupe. With their vibrant costumes, rhythmic drumming, and synchronized moves, the troupe brought a sense of tradition and vibrancy to the occasion, leaving everyone spellbound.

The Autumn Memory event served as a beautiful reminder of the cultural richness and unity that brings our community together. It was an evening that will be etched in the memories of all who attended, a testament to the importance of celebrating our diverse cultural heritage in unity and harmony.