First City University College’s Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication hosted a delightful event, “NUR RAMADAN – A TASTE OF BUBUR LAMBUK,” on 4 April 2024, at the Foyer of the South Building. The presence of Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Saw Sor Heoh, Vice-Chancellor and the Deans and Heads of Departments/Centres at the event showcased the institution’s commitment to cultural appreciation and community engagement.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Associate Professor Dr Lewis Leong, setting the afternoon of cultural exploration. Professor Dr Saw Sor Heoh’s opening remarks highlighted the significance of fostering inclusivity and understanding within the campus community. She commended the dedication of the team of volunteers for spending hours to prepare the cuisine.

Following the brief welcome remarks from the special guests, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees participated in a group photo session, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and shared experiences. Then, Asst. Prof Nur Khairunnisa Murnisham and her team led the distribution of Bubur Lambuk to everyone present.

Yashar James Sugumar, one of the students in attendance, expressed her delight, saying, “The event truly immersed us in the cultural richness of Malaysia. The flavours of Bubur Lambuk transported me to the heart of Ramadan festivities.”

Similarly, Jieann Elektra Caballes, an international student from the Philippines, shared her sentiments, stating, “Attending the Bubur Lambuk event for the second time this year, was a delightful experience for me. It not only offered a taste of traditional cuisine but also fostered a sense of unity among students and friends.”

“NUR RAMADAN – A TASTE OF BUBUR LAMBUK” epitomized First City University College’s dedication to fostering cultural exchange and unity within its diverse community, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.