The visit to BookFest 2024 on 8 April 2024 proved to be an enriching and rewarding experience for the participants from the Diploma in Information Technology programme. Led by two staff members, Chief Librarian Ily Aliah Ismail and Registered/Licensed Student Counsellor Teh Chia Li, a group of six enthusiastic students delved into the vibrant world of books and literature at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Immersing themselves in the vast array of literary offerings from leading publishers and distributors across the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions, the participants were captivated by the diverse selection of English, Chinese, and Malay reads. For Chew Zhen Kang, it was a memorable experience, as he expressed, “It was a rewarding experience, and I hope I can join future visit to book fairs again.”

Wong Shan Kang found joy not only in the books but also in the additional perks of the event, stating, “I enjoyed myself looking at the book selections and am very happy that I got to purchase stationeries at discounted prices.” This sentiment resonated with the group, fostering a deeper appreciation for literature and learning.

Overall, the visit not only exposed the participants to the wonders of BookFest but also ignited a passion for reading and exploration. With newfound inspiration, they eagerly anticipate future opportunities to engage with such literary events.