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Frequently Asked Questions
Is First City UC a government approved institution of higher learning in Malaysia?
First City UC is a Higher Education Institution approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Malaysia under Act 555.
Are First City UC programmes accredited?
All programmes offered by First City UC are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
Is First City UC affiliated with any foreign universities?
Yes, First City UC partners with a number of well-established and reputable universities from the UK and Switzerland. With its affiliations, First City UC is able to provide international learning experience for its students, gain international recognition, and provide an opportunity for its students to gain external awards.
What is the student profile at First City UC?
Currently, we have students hailing from 33 countries, mainly from the Asian region. Approximately 80% of our students are Malaysians who are from diverse cultures. Therefore, students have the opportunity to learn from, befriend and network with both local and international students.
What are the teaching & learning facilities provided at First City UC?
First City UC has a purpose-built, fully equipped campus with common facilities like an ISO-certified library, an IT Centre, spacious lecture rooms, workshops and labs, theatres with multimedia settings, a cafeteria and on-campus student accommodation.
What are the sports facilities available on the First City UC campus?
First City UC’s on-campus sports facilities include a football field, indoor sports halls for table tennis, badminton, basketball and futsal courts, and a dance studio as well as taekwondo and martial arts facilities.
Do you provide any Scholarships?
Yes, we offer a wide range of Scholarships such as; Merit Scholarship, Office Bearer Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, UEC Scholarship and Founder's Scholarship.
Is there any other financial assistance available for students?
Yes, we offer a wide range of financial assistance such as; Early Birds Incentive, Sibling Incentive, Alumni Incentive, Children of Government School Teacher's Incentive, Sin Chew Education Fund and Elena Cooke Education Fund.
How do I apply for scholarship and financial assistance in First City UC?
You may refer to the First City UC Marketing staff for further information on scholarships & financial assistance.