The Money Mastery and ESG Challenge, organised collaboratively by First City University College and Public Mutual, proved to be an enlightening journey on financial acumen and sustainability. Hosted by the Faculty of Business, Hospitality, and Communication (FBHC) along with the Student Services Department, the event on 22 November 2023 garnered enthusiastic participation from FBHC students.

The event commenced with an insightful opening speech by FBHC Dean Assoc Prof Dr. Leong Wee Phin, setting the stage for an engaging interaction. The presence of Ms. Jennie Yeoh, the Group Agency Manager of Public Mutual, symbolised the forged synergy between FBHC and Public Mutual.

Comprising four stimulating games, the challenge tested individual prowess and collaborative skills, culminating in a vibrant exchange of ideas. Osama Elsadig Elwathig Allagabo, a Year 2 student from BSc (Honours) Accounting and Finance, secured the Individual Championship, earning accolades for his exceptional performance.

In the team category, Team ABC, led by Leong Jun Kean from Diploma in Business Administration, emerged victorious in the ESG practice challenge. Comprising Leong Wen Jie, Boh Dei Yan, Tai Ka Hung, and Chen Kai Liang, the team showcased exemplary teamwork and strategic thinking, clinching the coveted Team Championship.

The event concluded on a jubilant note, with students revelling in newfound insights and a sense of accomplishment with their well-deserved participation certificates. “Money Mastery and ESG Challenge” stands as a testament to FBHC’s commitment to holistic education, nurturing both financial literacy and collaborative skills among its students.