First City University College marked the incoming 2021 New Year with a simple yet meaningful gift exchange.

The event held on 21st December 2020 was organised by the Student Services Department (SSD). A total of 45 staff and students participated in the gift exchange.

In adhering to Social Distancing measures, the SSD offered to purchase the gifts and wrapping materials on behalf of those participating.

Days before the gift exchange took place, participants were given a list of potential gift items, with the prices ranging between RM5.00 and RM20.00.

In conjunction with the New Year gift exchange, SSD donated 53 boxes of face masks to the celebrated social activist Mr. Kuan Chee Meng. Better known by his moniker “Uncle Kentang” and “10-sen man”, Mr. Kuan is the founder and President of the Community Policing Malaysia NGO.

Mr. Kuan is also renowned for his “10-sen payment” social initiatives such as the 10-sen Flea Market, 10-sen Ambulance Service, and 10-sen Taxi Ride. These were implemented in hopes of alleviating the financial burden of the poor.

All in all, the gift exchange and donation activities provided First City UC a door of opportunity to touch lives and end 2020 on a better note!