In line with its aspiration to provide the highest standard of tertiary education and to cope with its expanding student population, First City University College is increasing its facilities with the new Phase II building expected to open in Q4 of 2016. This development is in keeping with the natural progression from KBU International College to First City University College, a recognition awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education to University College status. With the elevated status, First City UC is further determined to strive and thrive in its mission to offer the best teaching and learning experience as was outlined by its visionary founder, the late Tan Sri Teo Soo Cheng. 

He was a philanthropist and a farsighted developer of the award-winning urban township Bandar Utama. Although he was not an educationist by profession, he strongly believed that education is the key to social mobility, human resource development and social construction of the community and the country. It was his foresight and vision to provide opportunities for affordable quality education to local and international students that led to the establishment of the KBU International College in 1990.

Since then, the college has been forging ahead in offering relevant programmes in the field of business, engineering, computing, design, hospitality and foundation studies to produce employable graduates and entrepreneurs. Indeed, success stories of its alumni and the milestones which have been planted throughout its 26 years’ journey have paved the way for further development and growth.

The new 350,000 square feet campus block – almost twice the size of its current premise – houses lecture rooms, studios, seminar rooms, workshops, state-of-the-art laboratories, IT Centre, library and MBA Centre. To ensure students are provided with the highest standard of quality facilities and support in terms of convenience, the expansion includes on-campus student accommodation with air-conditioned en suite rooms. Students can truly enjoy a holistic educational and living experience by taking advantage of the indoor sports and recreational facilities such as futsal, badminton and basketball courts, along with the airy and spacious lifestyle-themed cafeteria and a comfortable student lounge.

Built in the style of modern architecture, Phase II is also a ‘green’ building; incorporating environmentally-friendly features such as vertical sun shading and rainwater harvesting. The design include a vertical ‘green’ wall and landscaped greeneries to infuse a serene campus ambient conducive for study.

Strategically located in Petaling Jaya’s urban towncentre surrounded by commercial and residential areas, First City UC students can lead a wholesome lifestyle with connectivity via an upcoming LRT and MRT system, surrounded by entertainment centres, food and beverage outlets, and commercial areas with complete amenities within Bandar Utama. All these facilities which are available at their doorstep combined with quality education ensure students are well-provided for, which in turn will allow them to focus on pursuing their academic goals.

When students enrol with First City UC, they will become a part of a vibrant, multi-cultural community with a healthy mix of local and international peers. With the various clubs and events which would require students’ active participation, the institution is providing and allowing opportunities for students to sharpen various soft skills which have become increasingly important as many employers are now looking beyond academic achievements. Recognising the importance of producing all-rounded graduates to enhance their employability, First City UC constantly work with collaborative partners in relevant industries on the latest learning technologies and internship placements, while designing specially-crafted courses which would equip students with necessary skills relevant to the industry for immediate up-take into the workplace.

Producing these highly employable and well sought-after graduates means success to First City UC, as it continues to provide the best and most conducive educational environment for their students to thrive in.