In an excellent display of innovation, Ong Pimmada and Carmen Lau Kar-Wei, our two visionary students, captured the 1st PLACE – IDEATHON PROJECT in the All Inclusive Hacks competition.

All Inclusive Hacks, held from 18 August – 3 October 2023, was a virtual global competition focused on developing creative solutions to detect bias and increase accessibility on the Web using computational technologies, including large language models ChatGPT and GPT-4.

Ong Pimmada, a dedicated student pursuing a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours), and Carmen Lau Kar-Wei, studying for a Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) in Business Management, embody the essence of innovation and teamwork. Their achievements go beyond mere recognition, serving as an inspiration for many, regardless of their programming expertise or background.

Their winning project, AGEless, stands as a testament to the duo’s ability and talent to devise a solution that adeptly detects biases while enhancing accessibility features across online platforms.

Their achievement earned them a coveted spot in the EquityAI Newsletter, recognizing the ingenuity and impact of their innovation. Furthermore, the team’s dedication was rewarded generously with a suite of software and educational resources valued at over $1468, including Wolfram|One Personal Edition, Taskade Starter Plan, Axure RP Team Edition, and AOPS Coupon, equipping them for further pioneering endeavours.

Congratulations, Ong Pimmada and Carmen Lau Kar-Wei!