PETALING JAYA, 28th December, 2018 – The business arena has been experiencing a rapid development and growth, coherent with the advancement of modern technology that makes possible every transaction to be done at the fingertips. In catching up with the pace, First City University College strives to produce students who are highly-capable and highly-qualified to lead and conquer the fast-moving business arena.

To achieve its goals, the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies at First City University College, offers a wide range of programmes in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and, Accounting and Finance. The Faculty, which offers Mass-Communication as well as Hospitality and Tourism Management programmes, focuses on building professionalism and nurturing students’ personal career development through quality programmes, industry links and internship placement.

The programmes at the Faculty are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). First City University College’s education partnership with foreign reputable universities for over 20 years resulted in some of the programmes at the Faculty receiving validation and recognition by the University College’s foreign partner universities. Apart from that, the Faculty also offers home-grown holistic degree programmes.

In order to realize the vision of producing business leaders of the world, one of the Faculty’s home-grown programmes, BA (Hons) International Business is a go-to programme for students with ambitions of holding positions in business organizations with global operations. This programme equips students with the knowledge to take on challenges and go through the complexities in dealing with organizational and business issues at an international level.

Students will also be exposed to workplace diversity, cross-cultural management, law, trade, finance, logistics, ethics, and human resource management in across borders operations.

This programme, therefore, provides a current overview of the operations of business organizations from domestic, foreign and regional perspectives and within a broad range of workplace and business settings. Graduates of this programme will find themselves highly-relevant and sought-after, as the trend in globalization gains momentum in this era of rapid economic growth.

The Faculty’s other home-grown programme, BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship is designed to produce business entrepreneurs and future business leaders who can fuel and sustain Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which are important in contributing towards the nation’s economic growth. In this context, this programme incorporates modules and learning outcomes in areas such as enterprise management, entrepreneurial skills, new venture creation, management accounting and finance, brand management and marketing, innovation, and business development.

Considering the current trend concerning the growing interest in entrepreneurship instead of being an employee, the programme is designed to prepare graduates to tap into requisite skills, which carry a high potential in the market.

Students enrolled in the BA (Hons) International Business and BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship programmes at First City University College share the same perks;- they will able to apply to The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) as Student Affiliates at discounted membership fee. The students will be taken through an enriched 3-year education journey with a segregation of 6 semesters, and a compulsory industrial training in their last semester.

First City University College owns a prolific track record of producing highly-employable graduates. Through industrial training, business students at First City University College are equipped with relevant skills, and exposed to hands-on learning experience in the working world;- suiting them up for the careers of their dreams. In many instances, the students manage to build good rapport and display great performances, which then resulted in them being extended with employment offers upon completion of their training.

The Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies is also active in organizing talks and workshops to business students. Famous guest speakers with outstanding business

presence and portfolios are often invited to deliver talks and share their experiences with the students. This means, students are exposed to valuable business tips, from the very beginning, which will reflect onto their future endeavors in the business arena.

Success in business is rooted from First City University College. First City University College promotes students’ overall excellence to live-up to the ever-demanding and highly-challenging business arena. Enrol now, and materialize your vision to be a successful business leader!

First City University College opens every day in January for registration. Special 50% off tuition fees offer is extended by popular demand! The offer is valid for all programmes in 2019 for registrations by the 20th of January 2019. (T&C Apply). January intake is in progress for Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Post-graduate programmes!

For more information on the programmes, scholarships and incentives offered at First City University College, please contact 03-7727 3200 for inquires or visit our website at Students are also welcomed to visit the campus and follow our updates on our Facebook page (@firstcityuc) and on Instagram (@firstcity.uc).