First City University College successfully concluded the UpSkill Programme for its Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor Degree students. 

The first batch of the UpSkill for Foundation and Bachelor Degree students was held from 30 August- 9 September 2021. The second batch for Diploma Students was held from 20-30 September 2021. 

The UpSkill programme was conducted online with students from various states of Malaysia including Klang Valley. 

The objective of the programme focused on training students to acquire several key in-depth skills to enhance their learning skills during their studies. 

To that end, the UpSkill Programme offered modules such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Communication Skills, Internet of Things (IoT). 

Selected lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Faculty of Design & Built Environment and the Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication assisted in conducting these module sessions.

During these sessions, all students demonstrated Higher Order Thinking Skills when they constantly posed complex questions to the lecturers, as part of their learning process.

The UpSkill Programme attracted many students at Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor Degree levels

During the Communication Skills Module, students were required to conduct a short presentation, with the topic being about their friend.

During the Adobe Creative Cloud module, students were taught to use the Mind Map technique to list out their design plan.

Diploma in Graphic Design student Tan Meng Hang credited the Communication Skills module for bolstering his English speaking skills.  

Tan added that he was initially reluctant to start his Diploma classes. This was due to his lack of confidence in communicating with his classmates and lecturers in English.

However, the module not only helped break down communication barriers, it also strengthened his basics of the language. Now, he is eager to return to campus in October to meet his course mates and lecturers for face-to-face classes.  

Meanwhile, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design student Ashmini Perera praised the Upskill programme for its holistic approach. 

“The modules have benefited all of us, regardless of our respective programmes. Also, we gained exposure to the Internet of Things which is usually only taught to in Engineering and Computing courses”, she shared. 

First City University College is still accepting Diploma students for the upcoming October intake. The programmes cover fields such as Design, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Mass Communication as well as Tourism & Hospitality. 

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First City UC’s eco-friendly campus is equipped with state-of-the art learning and recreational facilities such the Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios, Workshops, Outdoor Football Field and various Indoor Sports Facilities, along with Air-Conditioned On-campus Accommodation with en-suite Bathrooms. 

Students may access an online 360-degree virtual tour of these facilities, via 

Those interested are invited to make a Virtual Open Day appointment by either visiting First City UC’s website, or contacting our hotline, 016-301 8166/ 016-302 8166.