Foundation in Engineering Science & Technology Programme Objective, Structure and Pathways

Foundation in Engineering Science & Technology Programme Objective, Structure and Pathways

First City UC students can expect to master the basic principles of engineering, science and technology by the end of this one-year programme (three semesters).

During Foundation classes they will also be educated on the social and ethical implications in the field of science, engineering and technology.

This programme equips students with strong fundamentals and skills for either Engineering or Computing. Students study modules that are focused to ensure their progression towards obtaining a professional qualification in Engineering or Computing. They will also be trained to use relevant industrial hardware and software necessary for their progression to our bachelor’s degree programmes in Engineering or Computing.

The Foundation in Engineering Science & Technology Programme objectives are to:
Equip students with a solid foundation in analytical techniques, design procedures and study skills to ensure a smooth transition into our degree programmes

  1. Provide students with foundational knowledge in engineering, science, and technology
  2. Enable students to develop creative problem-solving skills
  3. Instil in students social and ethical implications of engineering, science, and technology applications
  4. Produce students with the appropriate skills to undertake lifelong learning

In addition, the programme aims to equip students with interpersonal and communication skills in a group working environment, which is especially important as they will need to familiarise themselves with assignments in a lab setting during their Bachelor Degree studies.

Furthermore, students are taught problem-solving skills and are able to attend talks by industry experts

In order to to hone their problem-solving skills, they will be given scenarios that will require critical thinking skills. Starting from the second semester, students will be given the option of choosing the Engineering or Computing pathway.

Those who choose the Engineering pathway will be exposed to subjects such as Mechanics, Applied Physics and Engineering Mathematics while the Computing pathway offers subjects such as Software Design Techniques, Systems Analysis and Design and Web Design.

Pathway into Engineering Degree Programmes

At the end of the foundation programme, students who have chosen to specialise in the Engineering pathway may opt for Bachelor Degree programmes such as the:

  1. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours
  2. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

Students will be registered with the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). Also, students will undergo internships where they will gain hands-on experience.

The curriculum for the 4-year engineering degree programmes at First City UC has been developed and approved by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) which will lead to a professional engineer status.

Pathway into Computing Degree Programmes

On the other hand, those who selected the Computing pathway may choose between these Bachelor Degree programmes below: The quality of these programmes are assured as they are validated and recognised by their UK partner Teesside University.

  1. Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)
  2. Bachelor of Computer Science ( Intelligent Systems) (Hons)
  3. Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) in Business Management
  4. Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking & Security) (Hons)

Moreover, students will be pleased to know that First City UC has a proven track record of producing highly employable graduates for nearly 30 years. Even better, many have secured jobs even before graduation.

This distinction is credited to FEC’s links with a number of reputable industry partners. Banking on these valuable partnerships, the Faculty is able to connect students with potential employers during events such as Career Day and graduation showcases.

One of these showcases is the annual Innovation Day which attracted industry partners such as IBM, Silverlake, Hitachi, NEM and Fujitsu.

The cornerstone of First City UC’s academic success can be attributed to its excellent and industry-relevant curricula as well as its team of dedicated lecturers equipped with years of teaching and industrial experience.

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