From Aspiring Designer to Top Contender: Kennis Wong Zhi Qing’s Inspiring Journey as A Design Student

Kennis Wong Zhi Qing shared her interesting journey as a design student at First City University College’s Faculty of Design and Built Environment (FDBE) after she had the honour of winning the top spot in The Lookout at 19th, Bandar Utama Logo Design Competition. She was awarded a generous cash prize of RM5,000 for winning in the competition.

Her outstanding achievement in the logo design competition not only filled her with pride as a student of the BA (Honours) in Graphic Design programme, but also highlighted the all-round design education that she received at FDBE.

During her interview, Kennis reflected on her educational journey at FDBE, emphasizing that it encompassed more than just the acquisition of design principles and techniques. She highlighted that her design programme placed a strong emphasis on delving into problem-solving, comprehending client needs, appreciating the significance of teamwork, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Having just completed her internship, Kennis commented that the theoretical knowledge acquired during her studies gained immense significance when applied in real-world scenarios, allowing her to translate classroom learning into real industry projects.

Kennis pointed out, “Internships present an entirely different challenge. They demand the simultaneous handling of multiple tasks, making effective time management an essential skill. While it can be somewhat stressful, believe me, it’s a fantastic learning experience. Balancing multiple tasks and mastering time management become crucial skills, providing both maturity and valuable practical experience that will benefit us in the future.”

Kennis also highlighted the critical role of FDBE’s exceptional instructors, who generously share their real-world experiences. Learning from these industry experts goes beyond mere theory, helping students grasp the intricacies of the design industry and apply these insights to their projects. Kennis personally attested to the significant benefits of this approach, particularly emphasizing that many of her lecturers have significant industry experience and readily share their on-the-job experiences, making it an invaluable learning opportunity.

Kennis experience is just one shining example of what FDBE offers to all its students. The faculty places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, nurturing innovation, providing industry guidance, and ensuring that its graduates possess top-notch design skills and professional confidence.
If you’re looking to embark on a design journey, consider joining the programmes offered at FDBE for the perfect blend of creativity and practice. Whether it’s inside the classroom or during internships, FDBE aims to nurture the future stars of the design world.