On 13 May 2024, 169 Form 5 students of SMJK Tsung Wah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, experienced a day filled with excitement and inspiration. The occasion was marked by the visit of Tee Poh Kuun, the Head of Student Recruitment from First City University College, who came to deliver talk on educational pathway and engage the students in a series of interactive sessions.

The day began with a warm welcome as Tee met with the School Principal, Chan Mee Lee, and the dedicated team of school counsellor and teachers. This initial meet and greet set a positive tone for the day’s events, establishing a collaborative atmosphere between First City University College and the school’s leadership.

Tee then transitioned into action, delivering his carefully planned sessions designed to resonate with the students. The programme was thoughtfully divided into two main segments to cater to the different academic streams present at the school i.e. the Arts and Science Streams.

Tee provided insights into the diverse opportunities available, emphasizing the importance of creativity, critical thinking, and the vast array of career paths that both education streams can lead to.

Throughout both sessions, Tee incorporated fun and interactive elements to keep the students engaged. These included quizzes, group discussions, and hands-on activities that allowed the students to explore their interests while having loads of fun.

The visit concluded on a high note, leaving the students of SMJK Tsung Wah feeling motivated and excited about their future educational and career prospects. The programme not only provided valuable information but also inspired the students to envision the possibilities that lie ahead.