After the exciting briefing by CLV Glass Tech for the YDA 2024’s “Reflection of Creativity” -Creative Glass and Mirror Furniture Design Competition, students from the Diploma in Interior Design and BA (Hons) Furniture & Product Design programmes were brimming with excitement to showcase their artistic prowess in the upcoming competition.

The briefing, held at the Faculty of Design & Built Environment on 1 February 2024, was attended by the Programme Coordinator Indera Irawan together with the students. With the inspiring theme “Reflection of Creativity,” students were abuzz with the prospects of expressing their creativity through the medium of glass and mirrors.

In this first glass and mirror design competition in the country, students are expected to refine their designs, ensuring they strike the perfect balance between creativity, practicality, and conceptual depth. The promise of cash prizes and the opportunity for full sponsorship on prototype production only adds fuel to their already blazing enthusiasm

Moreover, the chance to be involved in a space makeover project amplifies their excitement, as they envision their designs transforming real-world environments. With the submission deadline looming on 15 April 2024, there is already an electric energy pulsating through the air as students eagerly anticipate the prospect of making their mark in the world of design.