Grand Prize for Salon Coe Interior Architecture Competition

We are pleased to announce that one of the student team named Vanguard (6 undergraduates and 1 professor) from Year 3, BA(H)Interior Architecture & Design had managed to win the Grand Prize (Only 1 award offered amounting to USD10,000) for the “The Salon Centre of Excellent for New Media for Innovation, Research and Content Development in the 7th Art Competition”.

There were 4 team shortlisted for finalist from 3 universities (UTM, KDU & FCUC) and 2 team were from our students of BA (H) Interior Architecture & Design.

The competition runs from December 2018 to March 2019, organised by Salon Films (HK) Ltd and involved mentors such as European Confederation of Junior Enterprises’ CB Global Corporate Services; other mentors as designed. The aimed was to propose an interior utilization concept for a 20-storey building located at Kuala Lumpur, which is currently under construction.