On 28 June 2024, 10 students from the Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours and Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology programmes, accompanied by two lecturers, Asst. Prof. Ir. Dr. Marcus Tay Ching En and Lee Shy Yun, attended the ENERtec Asia 2024 exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). This event, organised by Informa Markets Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., offered an immersive experience in the latest advancements and sustainability efforts in the energy sector.

During the exhibition, attendees engaged in networking activities with industry representatives from Korea, China, and Malaysia, discussing potential opportunities for industrial training and collaborative projects. Various companies showcased their cutting-edge technologies, ranging from battery recycling to number plate recognition systems.

Additionally, the exhibition featured an insightful talk by Mr. Christopher Pragesh, Building Solutions Specialist, APAC w/o CN, Wieland Electric / Swift Automation on “Wieland EV Charging Solution Technology”. The talk provided insights into innovative EV charging solutions.

Foo Cheong Jun, a Year 3 student from the Bachelor of Electronic Engineering programme remarked, “Visiting ENERtec Asia 2024 was a very transformative experience, where innovation and sustainability came together. From cutting-edge technologies to insightful discussions, I learned that the future of energy lies not just in advancements but in our collective commitment to a smarter world.”

The ENERtec Asia 2024 exhibition provided students and lecturers with a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations in the energy sector, highlighting the critical role of sustainability and technological advancements in shaping a smarter future.