The Student Council organised the Installation of Clubs & Societies ceremony at the First City Hall on 26 June 2024. The event was held to officially inaugurate the club and society members and recognise their inception. The ceremony celebrated the installation of a total of 14 clubs and societies, including 8 academic clubs from 3 faculties—Faculty of Business Hospitality & Communication, Faculty of Design & Built Environment, and Faculty of Computer Science & Technology—as well as 6 non-academic clubs, each contributing uniquely to campus life.

The event commenced with a preview clip prepared by the Student Council, highlighting the distinctiveness of each club and society. This was followed by a welcome address from Mr. Fow Seng Joe, President of the Student Council. The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Lye Boon Han, Senior Registrar, representing Professor Dr. Saw Sor Heoh, Vice Chancellor.

The ceremony continued with the installation of Academic Based Clubs and Societies, during which Asst. Prof. Wong Choon Fah, Asst. Prof. Chua Huwi Huwi and Mr. David Foo Sek Kuan sequentially presented appointment letters and certificates to all members of the following clubs and societies:

Faculty of Business Hospitality & Communication

  1. First to Lead
  2. Hot Club
  3. Buzz Club

Faculty of Design & Built Environment

  1. Furniture and Product Design
  2. The Design Club
  3. Interior Architecture and Design

Faculty of Computer Science & Technology

  1. Computer and Technology Club
  2.  Engineering Club

Mr. Lye Boon Han, Senior Registrar, and Mr. Weladavi Rahula, Head of the Student Services Department, officiated the installation of Non-Academic Based Clubs and Societies, presenting appointment letters and certificates to all members from the following clubs and societies:

  1. Sport-Regiment Club
  2. Youth Club
  3. Performing Arts Club
  4. Chinese Cultural Society
  5. Lion Dance Club
  6. International Student Club

Congratulations to all the newly appointed leaders and members of our clubs and societies. Your commitment to excellence and your passion for making a difference are truly commendable.