Daikin Malaysia welcomed First City University College at the Daikin Solution Plaza on 12 June 2024 where a total of 49 Diploma in Interior Design students came for Daikin Youth Design Competition 2024 Briefing and Showroom Tour. The students consist of 15 semester 4 students and 34 semester 7 students.

The briefing was conducted by Ms. Jenny Khe and Mr. Seow Soon Loy. They explained Daikin Youth Design Competition 2024 consists of two categories; the Residential category and the Commercial category. All semester 4 students participated in the first category whilst the semester 7 students participated in the later.

Following the briefing, the students toured the showroom under the guidance of Ms. Masirah Abdul Rahim. They were introduced to the latest Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technologies and engaged in interactive showroom activities and games.

Kong Yuen Theng commented “I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to visit Daikin’s showroom. It was a pleasant experience. After seeing and learning what Daikin has to offer, I’m excited to incorporate some of their products into my design for the Daikin Youth Design competition 2024”

The briefing and showroom tour proved to be a valuable experience to the students, especially as participants for Daikin Youth Design Competition 2024. They gained significant information for the competition wherein they gained innovative knowledge on air-conditioning in residential and commercial use.