It was a moment of pride for Lim Mun Hong when he was awarded the prestigious IEM Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement at the 64th Annual Dinner and Awards Night of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). This recognition marked a momentous milestone in his journey as an engineering graduate of First City University College.

The 64th Annual Dinner and Awards Night held on 15 July 2023 was a grand occasion, attended by prominent figures and luminaries in the engineering field. Mun Hong had the honour of accepting the award from the President of IEM and for him, accepting the award in front of his peers, mentors, and leaders in the engineering profession and to be surrounded by accomplished individuals from the engineering world was both humbling and motivating.

The Gold Medal Award not only boosted Mun Hong’s confidence but also encouraged him to continue his pursuit of excellence in engineering research and practice. Having completed his Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours degree in March this year, Mun Hong’s academic journey was marked by brilliance and excellence. His commitment to academic excellence had also earned him the Excellence Award at his graduation ceremony. Mun Hong’s achievements shone brightly as a beacon of inspiration for all engineering students and aspiring engineers. He had come a long way since his first day at First City University College, and his achievements exemplified the unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for his field of study.

Mun Hong humbly attributed his success to the well-rounded engineering education he received at First City University College. He expressed his deep gratitude towards the dedicated faculty members in the Faculty of Engineering & Computing, emphasizing their pivotal role in nurturing his growth and supporting him in reaching his current position.

The IEM Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement will be etched as a testament to Mun Hong’s commitment and passion in the engineering field. Mun Hong’s journey as a young and exceptional engineer had truly taken flight, and the engineering community is looking forward to the many more milestones he will undoubtedly achieve in the years to come.