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Aim For The Stars with First City’s Bachelor Degree Programmes
6 Apr 2019

PETALING JAYA, 24th April, 2019 –  IR 4.0, otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, refers to the current technological shift towards Artificial Intelligence. According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, many current day job positions face a high probability of being automated.

However, First City University College’s (FCUC) is introducing two Master Degree programmes that are able to help people adapt to this technological change. The Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FEC) is offering the Master of Engineering Management as well as the Master of Software Engineering academic programmes, in hopes of training up graduates who will meet the needs of the IR 4.0 driven manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

First City University College (FCUC) offers diploma programmes across its three faculties- the Faculty of Design and Built Environment, the Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies and the Faculty of Engineering and Computing.

Bolstered by its Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) accreditation, FCUC’s diploma programmes have successfully produced highly employable graduates who have achieved great things in their respective industries!

On top of that, students at First City University College will enjoy campus facilities such as a spacious IT Centre, a Centre for Postgraduate Studies, state-of-the-art laboratories, studios and workshops, lecture and seminar rooms as well as an air-conditioned hostel with en-suite bathroom!