17 Jun 2021

It cannot be denied that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (I.R 4.0) has vastly impacted Malaysia’s economy.


For instance, some of the key pillars of I.R 4.0 – Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Automation- are influencing the country’s manufacturing sector. This has manifested in the form of smart factories, which optimise the usage of raw materials and energy output.


With over 30 years’ experience under its belt, First City University College is confident of helping aspiring student to navigate through the challenging yet exciting tech landscape.  Through the Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FEC), the university college offers engineering programmes which are taught by a team of qualified and experienced lecturers.



Diploma in Electronic Engineering


Those with a keen interest towards electronics are encouraged to enroll in the Diploma in Electronic Engineering programme. Offered by the Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FEC), this programme will develop students’ solid understanding of engineering sciences and mathematics as well as other basic knowledge relevant to electronic engineering.

The field of Electronic Engineering comprises many smaller fields such as semiconductor devices, communication engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, embedded systems, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electrical circuits etc. 

The Diploma in Electronic Engineering familiarises students with these fields through modules such as Fundamentals of Circuits, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Integrated Circuit (IC) Technology, Communications, and Embedded Systems Programming & Interfacing. Students are taught to use Mentor Graphics, a software used by leading microchip companies to design microchips, Integrated Circuit (IC) and microprocessors.

Facilities such as this Analogue Electronics Lab provide Diploma in Electronic Engineering students with the required advanced equipment for their lessons.

On the other hand, students will be registered with the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), allowing them access to the latest news involving the local Engineering profession. 

Moreover, they will undergo an internship placement to gain valuable hands-on working experience. Thus, graduates will demonstrate optimal industry-readiness when applying for jobs in fields such as electronic systems engineering, communication engineering, maintenance engineering, project engineering, process engineering, engineering testing or even microchips design. 

Above all, graduates also enjoy the advantage of being able to progress to Year 2 of First City UC’s Electronic Engineering degree programme.


Diploma in Mechatronics

Meanwhile, students with a keen interest in robotics or automation should consider the Diploma in Mechatronics programme. 

While the programme’s modules focus on electrical & electronic engineering, embedded systems, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, hydraulics & pneumatics and applied mechanics, students will also be tasked with robotics and automation related projects. Through these lessons, students will learn how to provide innovative, creative, and ethical solutions in the field of mechatronics. 

Moreover, students are registered with the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) where they can keep up with the latest developments in the engineering profession.

In order to boost their industry-readiness, students will participate in a mandatory internship placement. This advantage will prepare them for careers in areas involving robotics, automation, process engineering, manufacturing, production engineering, testing and quality control.

Mechatronics Diploma students will be using state-of-the-art equipment such as the Lathe Machine the Mechanical Workshop.

Otherwise, graduates may opt to progress to Year 2 of either the Mechanical or Electronic Engineering degree programme at First City UC.

June Intake, Scholarships & Virtual Open Day

Those interested in the Electronic Engineering or Mechatronics Diploma programme should quickly enrol this June to secure First City UC’s attractive scholarships and financial assistance. These include the First City Merit Scholarship, UEC Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, Sibling Incentive etc.

More importantly, Diploma graduates will receive a 15% Alumni incentive upon progressing to their degree level studies!

Students may arrange for a Virtual Open Day appointment by visiting First City UC’s website, firstcity.edu.my or by contacting the hotline, 017-6606680.

First City UC students enjoy the availability of the cafeteria for their breakfast or lunch needs.