14 Jun 2021

First City University College’s Diploma in Business Administration programme is a perfect fit for those who are keen on entering the corporate sector or even becoming an entrepreneur.  Offered by the Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication, this programme provides them with comprehensive knowledge and insight into the field of business and administration. 

Throughout the programme’s modules, students will be equipped with key knowledge and skills pertaining to Business Planning, Organising, Communication, IT Applications and Numerical & Statistical Analysis. Also, students will become familiar with using various financial accounting tools. 

They also will develop teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills, while learning to take a leading role in contributing innovative, creative, and ethical solutions. These traits will in turn open up opportunities for them to work in companies all around the world. 

The Library provides Diploma in Business Administration students the necessary reading resources for their assignments and projects.

Upon completion of this programme, graduates are granted progression to Year 2 of either First City UC’s Business Management, Marketing or Accounting & Finance degree programme.

During their free time, students are welcome to make use of the campus’ indoor sports facilities such as the Badminton Court.

Those interested to enrol in the Diploma in Business Administration programme should swiftly register for the June 2021 intake to secure First City UC’s attractive scholarships and financial assistance. These include the First City Merit Scholarship, UEC Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, Sibling and Alumni Incentive and others.

Diploma in Business Administration graduates will be eligible for a 15% Alumni Incentive when they continue on their degree studies.

First City UC’s eco-friendly campus is equipped with state-of-the art learning and recreational facilities such the Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios, Workshops, Outdoor Football Field and various Indoor Sports Facilities, along with On-campus Accommodation with attached bathrooms. Students may access an online 360-degree virtual tour of these facilities, via http://virtualx.my/360projects/firstcity-edu/

Due to the ongoing Movement Control Order, those interested may make a Virtual Open Day appointment by visiting First City UC’s website, firstcity.edu.my or contacting the hotline, 017-6606680.