12 Jun 2021

With the Industrial Revolution (I.R) 4.0’s strong influence on Malaysia’s economy, it is only natural that the media and marketing industry is experiencing digitalisation on a wide scale.

Online shopping platforms have now become a popular method for businesses to promote and sell their products. While online shopping platforms functions the same way brick and mortar stores do, there are elements of entertainment and gamification used to incentivise continuous usage of their services. 

To equip job seekers for the challenges of a digitalized workplace, First City University College offers the Diploma in Mass Communication programme. This programme provides students with knowledge and relevant skills to undertake a broad range of mass media and communication roles anywhere in the world.

Diploma in Mass Communications students have access to a large auditorium for classes. (Picture taken before MCO.)

Students will be exposed to the knowledge and practices of communication, multimedia, photography, journalism, advertising, marketing and broadcasting. Moreover, the modules for this programme will serve as a suitable foundation for students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

Besides the theoretical aspect of studies, students will develop teamwork, leadership, communication, along with entrepreneurial skills through the various projects and assignments given throughout the duration of their programme.

To further enhance students’ innovative and creative capabilities, they will be required to undergo an internship with a media and communication company, arranged by First City UC.

First City UC’s urban eco-friendly campus surrounding makes it the ideal location for students to pursue their tertiary education.

First City UC’s eco-friendly campus is equipped with state-of-the art learning and recreational facilities such the Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios, Workshops, Outdoor Football Field and various Indoor Sports Facilities, along with On-campus Accommodation with attached bathrooms. Students may access an online 360-degree virtual tour of these facilities, via http://virtualx.my/360projects/firstcity-edu/

Moreover, Diploma in Mass Communication graduates are more than encouraged to proceed with their Bachelor studies as they will be eligible for a 15% Alumni Incentive!

Students use the Student Lounge for recreational activities. (Picture taken before MCO).