18 Feb 2021

It goes without saying that Industrial Revolution 4.0 is playing a key role in reshaping the way Business and Finance work.

Among the Accounting circles, it is known that everyday tasks such as Data Entry, Bank Reconciliation or Accounts Payable Verification are facing steady automation.

Businesses too have experienced a shift towards digitalisation, with the most prominent example being Food & Beverage outlets using online food delivery services to send out their customers’ orders. While this may have not been the norm a few years ago, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated the rise of such services due to the need to observe Physical Distancing.

Despite the increasing adoption of automation and digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence or Computer Programmes are not poised to replace human workers anytime soon. For instance, the Robo-advisers used in Financial Investments lack the capability to suggest specific plans that can meet customers’ needs and wants.

Hence, there is a strong demand for graduates who are both tech-savvy and capable of Higher Order Thinking Skills to be employed in Business and Finance related jobs.


First City University College’s 30+ years of Producing Industry-Ready Graduates

First City University College, through the Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication (FBHC) has offered industry-relevant study programmes for over 30 years, with the objective of producing graduates capable of contributing fresh, innovative ideas to the workplace.

Besides being taught by a team of qualified lecturers, all FBHC students will undergo an Industrial Training module. For students in the Business and Finance field, this will allow them to acclimatise to the real life challenges of the workplace.

BA (Hons) Marketing

This three-year programme aims to train students to formulate marketing plans, craft marketing strategies and manage customer relations in a challenging and socially networked environment. This set of knowledge is imparted through programme modules such as Organisational Development Management, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media Management and Marketing Communications.

During their studies, students may also apply for a Student level membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Students are encouraged to apply as not only is the membership offered at a discounted rate, but students will gain access to a host of insightful Marketing related resources.

Upon completion of their studies, graduates are expected to be capable of using communication and Information Technology effectively for business as well as to devise innovative marketing strategies.

With enough time and experience, graduates of this programme have been known to secure attractive positions such as Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager or even Sales Director.


BA (Hons) Business Management

This three-year programme exposes students to a broad spectrum of knowledge touching on Business Management, Marketing, as well as Accounting and Finance. Overall, students will become familiar with contemporary business issues such as globalisation and sustainability.

This “bird’s eye view” approach is best reflected through programme modules such as Principles of Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management and Global Cross-Cultural Management.

Similar to the Marketing Bachelor Degree programme, students may apply for a student membership with CIM.

Business Management graduates have been known to establish respected careers such as Corporate Trainers, Entrepreneurs and Business Consultants. Graduates may even eventually attain Senior Management positions such as Administrative Manager or Chief Operating Officer.


BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance

This 3 1/3 year long programme aims to inculcate students’ personal attributes, professional, interpersonal skills and ethical standards to meet the needs of the business and public sectors.

Students will be exposed to a wide range of programme modules such as Principles of Accounting, Business Mathematics, Business English, Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting. Upon reaching their Third Year, students will be offered a number of elective modules that will offer them deeper insights into aspects of Malaysia’s finance sector.

Graduates will easily gain recognition by professional bodies such as CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Meanwhile, those who wish to obtain the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) qualification will be eligible to receive up to 9 paper exemptions.

They may consider lucrative careers such as an Investment Banker, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst or Accounting Manager.

Student Testimonials

Marketing alumnus and First Class Honours recipient Lee Tuck Cheng praises the programme for successfully striking a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the curriculum. Lee is grateful for the ample opportunity to implement the various marketing strategies during his Industrial Training module, which has proven valuable in his career.

Meanwhile Accounting & Finance alumnus Phang Mun Hong credits the programme with providing him a strong foundation to understand Financial principles. Moreover, learning about several real life case studies further develop his Critical Thinking Skills, which in turn prepared him for a career in banking.

“After graduation, I set out to realise my goal of joining and excelling in the banking industry. I’m glad that my studies have prepared me for the challenges of a Relationship Manager, which entails providing a variety of banking solutions to high profile companies”, Mun Hong shares.

First City UC’s Campus Learning Facilities & Financial Assistance

First City UC’s eco-friendly campus is equipped with state-of-the art learning and recreational facilities such the Library, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios, Workshops, Outdoor Football Field and various Indoor Sports Facilities, along with On-campus Accommodation with Attached Bathrooms.

Students may access an online 360-degree virtual tour of these facilities, via http://virtualx.my/360projects/firstcity-edu/

Prospective Bachelor Degree students should enrol quickly in the February 2021 intake to ensure that they will be among the first 100 students entitled for attractive financial assistance and scholarships. Moreover, graduates are more than encouraged to continue with their postgraduate studies as they will receive an attractive Alumni rate!

Students can apply for a wide range of scholarships and financial assistances such as the First City Merit Scholarship, UEC Scholarship, Sports Scholarship and also the Sibling and Alumni Incentive as well as the School Teacher’s Children Incentive.

For more information, students are invited to contact our Marketing Hotline 017-6606680 or chat with our Marketing staff during the Virtual Open Days.