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Unlock Career Opportunities with First City University College’s Diploma Programmes
18 Apr 2019

PETALING JAYA, 17h April, 2019 –  First City University College (FCUC) offers diploma programmes across its three faculties- Faculty of Design and Built Environment, Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies and Faculty of Engineering and Computing.

Bolstered by its Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) accreditation, FCUC’s diploma programmes have successfully produced highly employable graduates, the majority of whom were offered employment even before graduation.
This is due to FCUC’s well-developed and industry-relevant curricula, along with a team of dedicated lecturers with years of teaching and industrial experience.

Faculty of Design and Built Environment (FDBE)
Students who wish to pursue their artistic passion in the working world are encouraged to sign up for the Diploma in Graphic Design programme! Over the course of 2 1/3 years (7 semesters), students will be introduced to basic research and analysis of information in order to know how to moderate and evaluate ideas as well develop their personal visual skills and personal vision through practical projects.

With the right creative, technical and vocational skills, graduates can then look forward to a career in areas such as Graphic Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Publication Design, Branding & Identity and other related jobs.

Students who love the idea of combining conceptual thinking and artistic designing may consider the Diploma in Interior Design programme. Spanning 2 1/3 years (7 semesters), this programme encourages students to combine conceptual thinking and practical design skills. Students will also be instructed on how to identify the basic elements of a building’s structure.

Moreover, students will also be exposed to the various computer applications used for design work. Upon completing this programme, students will develop their problem-solving and other transferable skills. This is done by incorporating a variety of disciplines ranging from psychology, sociology, history, management and business practices into this programme’s syllabus.

Potential graduates may consider a job in Interior Design Companies, Architecture Firms, Theatre and Stage Design Studios, Production Design Companies, Furniture Design Companies, Lighting Design Houses etc.

Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Communication Studies

The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management aims to produce graduates who can work effectively at leading hotels, travel agencies, and even food service outlets. Besides attending theoretical classes during the 2-year programme (6 semesters), students will be able to sharpen their knowledge and skills through the work placement/ internship module.

Furthermore, graduates may even choose to continue their studies at Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi) with a one-year Bachelor’s Degree programme (consisting of 6 months’ worth of lectures, followed by a 6-month internship period).

Students who sign up for the Diploma in Business Administration programme will gain comprehensive knowledge and insight into the field of business. After completing the 2 year programme (6 semesters), graduates may go on to consider a career in fields such as Communications or even Finance.

On the other hand, the Diploma in Mass Communication programme equips students with the right skills and knowledge to take on a diverse range of mass media roles. After completing their 2-year programme, graduates may consider career opportunities in fields such as Advertising, Media as well as Journalism.
Faculty of Engineering and Computing
Those looking to get a job in the IT field should sign up for the Diploma in Information Technology programme. Over the course of two years (6 semesters), students will develop skills in developing different types of applications, from stand-alone multimedia applications to mobile applications to internet-based systems.

Using the experience gleaned from the programme’s industrial training module, potential graduates can look forward to working in areas such as E-Commerce, Software Development, Web Programming and Database Administration.

The Diploma in Electronic Engineering programme will be suitable for students looking to be an Engineering Technician, a Maintenance Technician or Assistant Project Engineer in Electronic related industries such as Semiconductor/ Integrated Circuit Fabrication, Communication Engineering and Manufacturing. The 2 1/3 years (7 semesters) programme focuses on electronic modules such as Integrated Circuits Technology, Electronic Design Automation, Communication Engineering Systems.

Those interested in jobs that involve in Manufacturing, Factory Automation, Equipment and Machine Maintenance and Product Testing may choose to sign up for the Diploma in Mechatronics programme. Lasting 2 1/3 years, this programme will expose students to mechanical and electronic technical subjects such as Manufacturing Processes, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Controllers and Thermofluid dynamics.

The financial aspect of education should never be a concern for parents as their children are welcome to apply for either the First City University College Merit Scholarship, the Office Bearer Scholarship, the Sports Scholarship or even the Bursary Award. Besides that, students can also opt to apply the PTPTN study loan!

On top of that, students at First City University College will enjoy state-of-the-art campus facilities such as the Library, Cafeteria, Student Lounge, IT Centre, Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Engineering Labs, Studios and Workshops, Lecture and Seminar Rooms, Football Field, Indoor Sports Facilities, as well as an On-campus Accommodation with En-Suite Bathrooms!

After completing their Diploma programmes, graduates are encouraged to continue their studies with FCUC’s Bachelor Degree Programmes. They can enroll in their desired Degree Programme as Year 2 students (provided it is the same discipline as their Diploma) as well as enjoy a 15% off their First Year tuition fees with the Alumni Discount!

First City University College’s May intake is in progress for Diploma and Degree programmes! Register by 9th May to enjoy 50% off tuition fees. Terms and Conditions Apply!