23 highly enthusiastic students and staff took part in a sharing session titled “One Step Forward: A Winning Formula for Success,” on 3 May 2024. The session focused on hackathons and personal development. Ms. Sherryn Lim Wen-I; the Acting Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, and Ms. Sherylaidah binti Samsuddin joined the session to support the students and attentively listened to their presentations.

The event featured three student speakers; Cornileus Jasper, Lee Zhi Guan, and Ong Kai Jie who have participated and won numerous industry-based competitions to their merit. The speakers highlighted various elements of hackathons, stressing collaboration, creative problem-solving, prototype creation, and networking. They noted one of the benefits of joining hackathons includes the chance to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. They also learned to prioritise tasks and breaking them down into manageable steps.

Cornileus Jasper, Lee Zhi Guan, and Ong Kai Jie shared their insights and experiences from previous competitions. Cornileus Jasper emphasized the numerous networking opportunities that hackathons offer, particularly the chance to connect with high-achieving individuals skilled in leadership. Ong Kai Jie, the new president of the Tech Club, expressed his enjoyment in collaborating with Cornileus Jasper and Lee Zhi Guan during past competitions.

The event concluded with a group photograph featuring all participants and speakers. This event is hope to encourage more students to participate in competitions and hackathons with confidence and an eye toward success.