Bringing Robotics and Coding to The Masses

Our Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FEC), in collaboration with Cytron Technologies, hosted the launch of the 5th National RERO Educators Conference & Outreach Campaign 2023 on 20 Feb 2023.

The RERO Educators Conference and Outreach Campaign is an important annual event that supports the MDEC #mydigitalmaker movement, which aims to promote digital literacy and 21st-century skills in Malaysia.

On 21 Feb 2023 (a day after the launch), FEC hosted the first outreach programme for the central region by delivering the ZOOM:BIT Robotics and Coding training of trainer session. The training was an excellent opportunity for educators to learn how to introduce robotics and coding to their students.

With over 50 teachers, lecturers and education officers from the Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur attending the training, the outreach programme will equip and empower educators to incorporate robotics and coding into their teaching practices.

By bringing robotics and coding to the masses, FEC and Cytron Technologies are contributing towards a digitally literate society and preparing future generations for the demands of the digital age.