Yaashhinii a/p Krishnan and Lee Zhi Guan emerged as the shining stars of the First City University College’s Student Awards Ceremony on 24 April 2024, each recognized for their outstanding achievements and steadfast dedication.

Yaashhinii a/p Krishnan, hailed for her exceptional performance in foundation studies, embodies a true passion for academic excellence. Reflecting on her journey, Yaashhinii shared, “It’s truly an honour to be recognized for my academic achievements, and I am grateful for the support and encouragement from my lecturers and peers.”

Having completed her Foundation in Art and Design with flying colours, achieving a perfect CGPA of 4.0, Yaashhinii has seamlessly transitioned into the BA (Honours) Interior Architecture & Design programme. She expressed gratitude for the solid foundation laid during her Foundation studies. “The skills and knowledge acquired and the thorough preparation during my foundation studies have been invaluable in navigating my degree programme and I am thankful for that” she said.

Lee Zhi Guan’s recognition for excellence in industry-based competitions underscores his innovative and technical prowess. “This recognition is especially meaningful because it acknowledges my achievements in various industry competitions. I’d like to express my gratitude to my lecturers, mentors, peers and especially my family for their constant encouragement to pursue these opportunities,” he remarked.

Lee also attributed his achievements to the supportive and nurturing environment at First City University College. “First City University College has fostered a supportive environment that has made all these awards and accolades possible for me and I am sincerely grateful for that. Nearing to my graduation now, I’m excited to continue challenging myself and becoming the best version of myself,” Lee said.

Among the many accolades Lee won in 2023 include Champion – Engineering, Science & Technology Challenge (ESTECH 2023), Grand Prize – DELL Hack2hire Hackathon, 2nd Runner-Up & ‘Top 10 Best Performing Individual’ – Huawei Malaysia’s Sales Elite Challenge 2023, Innovation Day 2023’s Industry Choice Award – Best Project (Computing Category) and Top 10 Finalists – Tune Protect Group’s Hackathon

Yaashhinii and Lee’s achievements exemplify the ethos of excellence fostered at First City University College, inspiring future generations of students to strive for greatness in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.