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BA (Hons) Mass Communication
BA (Hons) Mass Communication

Mass communication refers to the process of transferring or transmitting a message to a large numbers of people through the use of mass media such as newspapers, magazine, television, radio, videos, advertisements, film or the Internet. Due to its relevance to all people around the world & its significant roles in business, Mass Communication becomes a popular choice of study in university.

This honours degree programme provides you with in-depth knowledge to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the media and communications industry. Students will be engaged to study advertising, corporate, institutional & electronic  media, journalism, production management, public relations, telecommunications and visual communications.

Students will also get to work on practical projects and skills to ensure their effectiveness as a future communicator in the challenging mass media industry.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, students are expected to be able to:


  • Demonstrate professional and research skills in mass communications
  • Apply media and communications models and theories through an understanding of the impact of change on society
  • Interpret the social, cultural, global, legal and ethical issues facing media and communications practitioners in their areas of professional activity
  • Identify the linkage between professionalism and human values in the media field through a variety of practical applications and theoretical frameworks, research methods and techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to use media hardware and software related to digital media, journalism and public relations
  • Analyse and interpret media and communications research data, propose solutions and justify the reasons for the decisions to be taken in the various communications specialisations
  • Develop appropriate analytical and critical thinking skills to prepare themselves for lifelong learning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of changing media and communications technologies, policies and structures on the social, cultural, economic and political environments
  • Demonstrate social and entrepreneurial skills and inculcate a spirit of innovation
  • Develop effective communication, team skills and leadership abilities.
Course Structure

Year 1


• Public Speaking
• Introduction To Mass Communication
• Fundamentals of Public Relations
• Journalism Studies
• Communicative English
• Mass Media and Society
• Writing For Mass Communication 1
• Interpersonal Communication
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Creative and Critical Thinking


Year 2


• Writing For Mass Communication 2
• Approaches To Media And Culture
• Photojournalism
• Digital Storytelling and Production
• Audience and Reception Studies
• Mass Communication Theories
• Mass Communication Research Methods
• Principles of Translation
• Public Opinion and Persuasion
• Applied Organizational Communication
• Industrial Training


Year 3


• Communication Law And Ethics
• Media Planning
• Asian Media
• Crisis Management in Communication
• Customer Relationship Management
• Human Resource Management
• Communication Technologies
• Global Media And Communication
• Mass Communication Project
• Webpage Design
• Desktop Publishing

Jan 2019, May 2019, Sep 2019
3 Years
Study Mode
Career Outcome

• Media Specialist
• Public Information Manager
• Media Production Manager
• Social Media Marketing Manager
• Journalist
• Special Events Director
• Event Planner
• Editor
• Public Relations Specialist

Entry Requirement

Minimum 2 Cs and 5 credits in
SPM (inclusive of English) and at least a pass in Malay Language and History


Minimum 5 Bs (inclusive of English)


Minimum 2 Cs and 5 credits in GCE O Level/SPM (inclusive of English) and at least a pass in Malay Language and History


Diploma in Business Administration or Diploma in Mass Communication and other related programmes with minimum CGPA of 2.0


Minimum ATAR score of 65%


Other qualifications equivalent to 12 years High School recognized by the Malaysian government


For international students, IELTS band 5.0