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Bachelor of Business with Psychology (Hons)
Bachelor of Business with Psychology (Hons)
N/340/6/0727(MQA/PA 8886)03/22

The Bachelor of Business with Psychology (Hons) is designed for students who are curious about human behaviour – the way we think and act. For the business student, this involves learning about employees and workplace behaviour and related aspects of customers and marketplace behaviour. The psychology dimensions of the programme provide deeper insights into not just how we behave but also, why we behave the way we do. The managerial and business aspects of the programme allow the student to understand this behaviour more fully, within the context of organisational life and business dealings. With this balanced approach, graduates of this programme are well positioned to play a role in and contribute to the employee wellness strategies of organisations, in line with the critical need to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity in meeting today’s challenges in balancing work and life.


Students can apply to be CIM (Student) Affliate at discounted membership fee.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this programme, students are expected to be able to:


  • Explain theories and concepts in business management and psychology through oral, written and visual means to create and communicate understanding for different purposes and contexts, using appropriate digital technologies
  • Assess and evaluate collaboratively in group learning, the integrated and complex nature of business and management practice and psychological behaviour, in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of this interrelationship between both disciplines
  • Identify, define, assess and evaluate concepts, ideas and issues based on a business worldview with psychological underpinnings, in order to adopt an informed approach to assessing human behaviour and experience and to explore new arguments to extend, modify or challenge existing ideas and views
  • Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the practical and theoretical aspects of the inherent variability and diversity of business, management and psychological functioning and apply that knowledge within economic, social, environmental, technological, global and multi-cultural contexts
  • Locate, organize, analyse, synthesise and evaluate business, management and psychological information systematically, cohesively and coherently for application in business and management problem-solving and decision-making processes
  • Interpret the ethical impact of their studies and activities in a socially, culturally and psychologically diverse global world of business and management practice
  • Identify and provide possible courses of action for addressing complex business and management issues and collect evidence for analysis, synthesis and evaluation using a range of appropriate business, management and psychological approaches and techniques
  • Evaluate new ideas, methods and approaches in business, management and psychological knowledge and its various paradigms of enquiry, in response to a changing business and management environment
  • Assess the management practice and psychology of leadership, groups and human resource management processes in motivating, directing and engaging others towards goal achievement in a way that values diversity, equality and the contribution of others
  • Apply the range of business, management and psychological behaviours and experience in pursuit of self-reflection, self-discovery, personal development and long learning.
Course Structure

Year 1


• Economics
• Introduction to Psychology
• Academic and Employability Skills
• Business English
• Statistics
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Marketing
• Critical and Creative Thinking
• Business Communication
• Introduction to Counselling


Year 2


• Principles of Finance
• Organisational Behaviour
• International Business
• Developmental Psychology
• Organisational Psychology
• Research Methods
• Leadership in Organisations
• Managing Group Dynamics
• Perception and Personality
• Gender Psychology


Year 3


• Strategic Management
• Learning, Training and Development in Organisations
• Cognitive Psychology

Elective 1 (select ONE) :
     • Advertising Psychology
     • Developing Entrepreneurship Skills

Elective 2 (select ONE) :
      • Consumer Behaviour
      • Biological Psychology

• Undergraduate Project
• Global Cross-Cultural Management
• Social Psychology
• Cyberpsychology

Elective 3 (select ONE) :
     • Managing Change in Organisations
     • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• Industrial Training

Sep 2018, Jan 2019, May 2019
3 Years
Study Mode
Career Outcome

Organisational Change Specialist
Occupational Psychology Consultant
Recruitment Specialist
Human Resource Management
Employee Engagement Specialist
Career Counsellor
Psychometric Test Publishing
Career Counsellor
Talent Management Consultant

Entry Requirement

Minimum 2Cs and 5 credits in SPM (inclusive of English and Mathematics) and at least a pass in Malay Language and History


Minimum 5Bs (inclusive of English & Mathematics)


Minimum 2Cs and 5 credits in GCE O Level/SPM (inclusive of English & Mathematics) and at least a pass in Malay Language and History


Pass with minimum CGPA 2.0


Minimum ATAR score of 65%


Minimum CGPA of 2.0


Other qualifications equivalent to 12 years High School recognized by the Malaysian government.


For international students, IELTS band 5.0