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BA (Hons) Marketing
BA (Hons) Marketing

This honours degree programme provides the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies in marketing theories, perspectives and applications in a globalised world. Graduates will be able to formulate marketing plans, craft marketing strategies and manage customer relations in a challenging and socially networked environment.


Students can apply to be CIM (Student) Affliate at discounted membership fee.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the programme, students are expected to be able to:


• Demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the variety of organisational types, objectives, operational behaviour and managerial and strategic approaches, both within and between organizations


• Evaluate markets as a method of resource allocation, ‘markets failures’ and policy corrections, both product and factor markets


• Analyse how consumer behaviour responds to a variety of price and non-price ‘signals’


• Critically analyse the contribution of the internal environment to formulating and implementing business decisions, including internal relationships, sources of power, communication structures, management and development of people


• Demonstrate a critical awareness of the external environment within which businesses operate, including economic, technological, demographic, environmental, ethical, legal, political socio-cultural and cross-cultural aspects


• Use inductive, deductive and other analytical approaches to identify potential linkages between variables and generate testable hypotheses


• Evaluate the contribution of various qualitative and quantitative techniques to the solution of problems identified


• Use communication and information technology effectively for business applications


• Devise marketing strategies through effective problem solving and decision making

Course Structure

Year 1

• Economics
• Principles of Accounting
• Business Mathematics
• Business English
• Business Statistics
• Principles of Management
• Financial Accounting 1
• Principles of Finance
• Principles of Marketing
• Business Law


Year 2

• Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
• Management Information System
• Business Project Management
• International Business
• Marketing Management
• Business Research Methods
• Social Media Marketing
• Customer Relationship Management
• Marketing Communications
• Service Management


Year 3

• Strategic Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Marketing Research

Elective 1 (select ONE) :
     • Business to Business Marketing
     • Consumer Behaviour

Elective 2 (select ONE) :
    • Marketing Consultancy
    • Product Management

• Undergraduate Project
• Global Cross-Cultural Management
• Ethics in Business
• Retail Management

Elective 3 (select ONE) :
     • Risk Management
     • Organisational Development Management

• Industrial Training

Career Outcome

• Marketing Director
• Corporate Branding Consultant
• Business Development Manager
• Sales Director
• Retail Manager
• Advertising & Promotions Manager
• Product Development Director
• Brand Director
• Director of Consumer Research
• Digital Marketing Manager
• Social Media Consultant


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Entry Requirement

Minimum 2Cs, (pass in English and Mathematics in SPM)


Minimum 5Bs (including Mathematics and English)


Minimum 2Es


Pass with minimum CGPA 2.0


Pass with minimum CGPA 2.0


Other equivalent qualifications which are recognized by the Malaysian government