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BSC (Hons) Accounting and Finance
BSC (Hons) Accounting and Finance

The honours degree programme provides students with technical abilities and knowledge specific to finance and accounting. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate skills in preparing financial statements, performing financial analysis and delivering financial projections.


Students of this degree programme who wish to obtain the CIMA Professional Qualification have the following advantages:


a) Students will be exempted from 7 subjects out of 16 for the CIMA Professional Qualification.


b) Year 2 students can concurrently sit for 1 CIMA exam only to obtain the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Dip MA). First City UC will conduct lectures for this without any extra charge.


c) With our degree and the CIMA Dip MA, students need to sit for 8 CIMA exams only to obtain the CIMA Professional Qualification which accords the recognition as a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).


Students can apply to be CIM (Student) Affliate at discounted membership fee.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the programme, students are expected to be able to:


• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the contexts within which accountants operate


• Evaluate knowledge and understanding of some of the alternative technical languages and practices of accounting


• Demonstrate the skills in recording and summarising transactions and other economic events; preparation of financial statements; analysis of the operation of business; financial analysis and projections

• Critically analyse contemporary theories and empirical evidence concerning accounting in at least one of its contexts, and the ability to critically evaluate such theories and evidence


• Use inductive, deductive and other analytical approaches to identify potential linkages between variables and generate testable hypotheses


• Evaluate the contribution of various qualitative and quantitative techniques to the solution of problems identified


• Critically analyse the existing literature on accounting and finance approaches


• Use communication and information technology effectively for business application


• Recognize the standards of professional practice in a range of scenarios (e.g. as advocate, auditor, practitioner or company accountant)

Course Structure

Year 1

Principles of Accounting
Business Mathematics
Business English
Business Statistics
Principles of Management
Financial Accounting 1
Principles of Finance
Principles of Marketing
Business Law


Year 2

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
Management Information Systems
Managing People and Organisation
Financial Management
Financial Accounting 2
Business Research Methods
Corporate Finance
Taxation 1
Management Accounting
Financial Reporting
Company Law


Year 3

Strategic Management

Elective 1 (select ONE) :
          • Capital Markets & Malaysian Securities Law
          • Corporate Secretaryship

Elective 2 (select ONE) :
          • Taxation 2
          • Islamic Finance

Undergraduate Project
Global Cross-Cultural Management
Ethics in Business
Advanced Financial Reporting


Year 4


Industrial Training

Career Outcome

This programme which integrates accounting, finance and business modules is an excellent platform to prepare graduates for jobs in various sectors such as the following:


Corporate Treasury
Fund Management
Financial Consultancy
Audit & Assurance


Career opportunities available to graduates are as follows:

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Accountant
Corporation President
Budget Director
Financial Vice President
Accounting Manager
Financial Analyst
Financial Controller
Investment Banker


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Entry Requirement

Minimum 2C+s, credit in Mathematics (pass English in SPM)


Minimum 5Bs (including Mathematics and English)


Minimum 2Es


Pass with minimum CGPA 2.5, credit in Mathematics (pass in English in SPM) or its equivalent


Pass with minimum CGPA 2.5, credit in Mathematics and pass in English in SPM or its equivalent


Other equivalent qualifications which are recognized by the Malaysian government