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Diploma in Mass Communication
Diploma in Mass Communication

This programme offers a comprehensive curriculum for those who are seeking to develop skills in this field. Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of kitchen management, food and beverage management as well as tourism planning and management. Students will attend an internship programme where they will have an opportunity to have hands-on experience at leading hotels, travel agencies, event companies, food service outlets and entertainment service providers.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, the students are expected to be able to:


• Develop knowledge and understanding of theories of mass communication and its application in practical environments


• Develop understanding of management roles positions in the media world for operations in different contexts


• Develop high ethical and social responsibilities values in media practices


• Develop the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of theories of mass communication and its application in practical environments


• Develop the ability to plan, execute, deliver and manage projects that reflect the application of mass communication theories and skills that are appropriate in mass communication which have been obtained


• Develop the selection of appropriate research methods and sources and the ability to think and learn independently


• Obtain ideas and concepts in discussions pertaining to media literacy


• Develop computer literacy and specific skills in the application of software.

Course Structure



• Introduction to Mass Communication
• Public Relations 1
• English
• Introduction to Social Psychology
• Principles of Advertising
• Photography 1
• Introduction to Business
• Writing for Mass Media
• Consumer Behaviour
• Principles of Marketing
• Computer Graphics
• Photography 2
• Media Management
• English for Academic Studies
• Business Communication




• Introduction to Broadcasting
• Mass Media & Society
• Public Relations 2
• Journalism 1
• Web Design and Development
• Media and Marketing Communications
• Journalism 2
• Communication Laws
• Speech Communication
• Multimedia Technology
• Mass Communication Project


Work Placement – Industrial

Work Placement – Simulation

Career Outcome

• Public Relations Practitioner / Executive
• Corporate Communication Executive
• Event Manager/Planner/Project Manager
• Advertising/Media Executive/Manager
• Copywriter/Script Writer/Feature Writer/Sub-Editor
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



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Entry Requirement

Minimum 3 credits (including English)


Minimum 3Bs (including English)


Minimum 3 credits (including English)


Other equivalent qualifications which are recognized by the Malaysian government